Defending The Faith - Apologetics 101 PowerPoint

The Apologetics 101 PowerPoint from is available for free download. Click here to get a copy. It is an approximately 12-hour course outline covering a variety of apologetic areas:

  • What is apologetics, worldview, reasoning and persuasion?
  • Types of apologetics and when to use
  • Classical arguments for the existence of God
  • General revelation and reasoning compared to special revelation
  • Islamic worldview compared to Christian
  • Theodicy and the problem of evil
  • Historical argument for the Resurrection

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About the author

I am a Christian, husband, father of two daughters, a partner and lead architect of EasyTerritory, armchair apologist and philosopher, writer of hand-crafted electronic music, avid kiteboarder and a kid around anything that flies (rockets, planes, copters, boomerangs)

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